CubicleMonk Concubine

The following post is not PC. I am fully aware that my place of privilege and the fact that I am born male both inside and out allows me the opportunity to joke about such things as concubines. If this is offensive, I understand and sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. I just couldn’t let this autocorrect funniness go untapped. 


I’m not a better person because I do generous deeds. I do acts of generosity because it feels good.  

Unpacked thoughts

Acts of service and generosity feel good. In fact, serving someone feels  triple good:

  1. The past: I am blessed that my previous self put me in a place to have the energy, time, and resources to do them. 
  2. The present: I feel good while doing the act of generosity. 
  3. The future: My future self will feel good looking back on the accomplishment and the impact. 

I believe acts of generosity happen naturally. I believe we as humans have it in our DNA to help each other out. This is what got us out of the caves. I don’t believe one human being is capable of surviving without the help of another human. This of course can be seen to be true by looking at the complicated fragile birthing process for humans. How many mothers and babies could survive a birth with no human support? There is more than enough proof for me to believe that humans are wired to help each other out and doing so feels good.

I believe it is important to keep this mindset when helping others. It keeps us from feeling superior or like we are owed something because we helped someone out. Helping someone and then expecting something in return is blackmail. 

I serve people because it feels good.

Personal story:

While writing about cubicleMonks, ‘cubicleMonk’ was auto-corrected to be “concubine.” This made me laugh and inspired this article. This is a great name for what I’m trying to accomplish at cubicleMonks. I want to serve others wishing for a life of meaning while working a grueling job. 

I have quite a bit of experience volunteering and I thrive serving fellow humans. I don’t think this makes me an elevated or altruistic person. I do it because it feels good. I create for cubicleMonks because it feels good. I do the work of creating content in hopes people might also find lives of purpose. I strive to provide value to the people I serve.

In a parallel vein this also applies to my traditional work. In close and trusted company I have always joked that at the end of the day everyone in the office is just a prostitute regardless of position, salary, or title. Ultimately I will do whatever is asked of me by the company because they pay me. Well, I will do anything that doesn’t cross my moral and personal boundaries. If immoral work is ever demanded of me I will leave immediately. BTW, I recognize this is a privilege since I’m in a position of having a choice of employment.   

Not everything I do at work is valuable. Some things I do are a total waste of time and energy but the ramifications of not doing the task aren’t worth fighting against. A great example is time cards. Yes it is a stupid waste of company dollars paying people to fill these out but I do it anyway.  I just tell myself, it isn’t my money and at the end of the day I’m just a prostitute. 

While this is a non-pc metaphor, I find coming from this humble place is a very beneficial attitude. It allows me the opportunity to not take myself too seriously and it allows me to not feel like I am more important than I really am just because of my title or position. This attitude allows me a fun way to not spend life energy worrying about doing stupid stuff at work. If you pay me, I’ll do it. 

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