Launch of cubicleMonks 1.0

This is the official launch of cubicleMonks 1.0: the home of working people seeking a life of meaning

I yearn to build something. To both create and serve. I love my career work but I also seek more and cubicleMonks is that outlet for me. cubicleMonks is my quest for a life of meaning beyond my career.

cubicleMonks started as an experiment:

I gave myself 3 months to play around. After 3 months, the answers to all of the above questions are a hell yes

Creating has not been easy. In fact, more difficult than I anticipated. Ideas make a lot more sense in my head then what the fingers on the keyboard actually create. I spend more time doubting the site than being hopeful about it. But I’m very proud of what was created and I’ve found the creating process to be very motivating as it gives me a purpose that helps the other important areas of my life. 

Something that gives me hope is that the birth of the website was just weeks before the outbreak of Covid-19. Transitioning to working remotely and living with family in isolation was extremely disruptive for my life.  I had a lot less time and energy for cubicleMonks since the stress and responsibilities of family and work grew to unprecedented levels. If Covid-19 came before cubicleMonks creation started, I would not be posting this today. But despite the virus, cubicleMonks blossomed into something that I am proud of and ready to share. 

The first article I began writing was Gamified Creation. This was the explanation of how I would balance health, family, and this project. I look forward to writing the follow up article since it was a critical tool that gave the structure to allow for this creative work. 

The last article I wrote, Purpose is Possible, was the one that felt the best so far. I wrote from the heart and it felt good.

Thank you

Multitudes of people have guided me and inspired me and I’m grateful to all of them. I also deeply appreciate the handful of friends who have been reading through the first posts and giving me good feedback. Most importantly I want to thank Coyote Jackson, my friend and business partner, who created the website and helps with editing and more importantly gives me accountability and encouragement. Coyote is a fellow cubicleMonk who jumped out of the cubicles with a beautiful story. 

Next Steps

With this launch, I am ready to start sharing cubicleMonks with the world. Feel free to share with people you think might enjoy reading. I will continue posting articles and growing my writing skills and my life balancing skills. 

The next step of growth I’m planning is to start building the community aspect of cubicleMonks. One strategy for building the community is having 1 on 1 “mentoring calls” which would allow me to connect with more cubicleMonks. I could then possibly bring us together in small groups or a larger community. I’m also thinking of creating a community section of the website where I could share stories and possibly videos of other cubicleMonks to help inspire each other.   

Please – if you are inspired by this work or are looking for purpose from the cubicle, reach out to me. I would love to connect with you. We can share and grow and serve together.   

Thoughts, questions, ideas? Please reach out to me: