We Create the World We Live In

We create the world we live in.

How this applies to cubicleMonks: 
Humans have the god-like power to think and dream and transform our ideas into something real. This truth is lost on me way too often. 

Right now we are in the middle of the Covid pandemic. I can’t imagine this world without the latest technology. I spend all day on Microsoft Teams and can’t imagine working without it. There is a strange sense of safety and security as I see the Amazon van pull into the driveway. Facebook running on Android is a major connection to the world. Netflix is my entertainment.

I’m often thinking and wondering if technology is a blessing or a curse in my life. There is a lot of destruction on the planet and in the lives of humans because of technology. There is no argument there. But today in the world of Covid, I’m thankful every day for what the Big 5 Tech Giants are giving to me and my family.  

Working in technology is both a blessing and a curse. It is a brutal and competitive environment.   But we are literally creating the world we will live in. No one knows what the new normal will look like after Covid but everyone agrees it will be a lot more digital. 

This is our chance to literally create this new world. Let’s bring those dreams to action.  

Personal Story:
We were called into Finn’s ICU room. We had been waiting for hours while his pulmonary hypertension was being measured and studied using a catheter procedure. As soon as we entered the room, our hearts stopped. We found him blue and in shock. A face of fear and terror on his sweet and beautiful face. We had seen this too many times and sadly his nurses and doctors sometimes failed to see this face of terror as to them he looked like a sweet baby. This “blue face” meant the arteries between his heart and lungs were constricted and he wasn’t getting oxygen into his blood. We ran to find the attending doctor.

No one knows how long our boy was lying there alone with no oxygen but it was long enough his heart stopped. 

The doctors were fast. The room immediately filled with an army. Ten years later I still remember how all of the staff worked together to bring his heart back. During the chaos, I watched an ultrasound machine being wheeled into the room. I was in shock. It was a system that I helped design and for which I wrote the software. I had never seen it used in a hospital before.

My system helped guide the needle that gave the medicine that brought Finn back to life. Later on I chatted with the doctors and shared that I helped create this system. She talked about how easy it was to use and allowed her to make a quick diagnosis. 

I got instant street cred in the ICU when they learned I helped create this system. They obviously talked and in fact an anesthesiologist stopped in one day and told me he was learning C++ and had some questions.  

We spent two more weeks in the ICU and the doctors listened a little more carefully after that event.   

It was so hard to go back to work after Finn died. But, this story gave a big boost of motivation to get back to creation. My work matters. 

The Action:  
Take a pause. What are you creating today? What benefit is it bringing? Most everything is created with positive intention and most everything brings someone value. Take pride in the positive impact of your creation and hard work.  

Thoughts, questions, ideas? Please reach out to me: cubiclemonks@gmail.com