I am a father, a husband, a technology leader, living in suburban Seattle. Every day I feel the pull between my work & family responsibilities and suffering on our planet. 

Not long ago I was a workaholic couch-sitting, beer-drinking, chip-eating, angry, unhealthy, scared and miserable being. Now I’m living the life of my dreams. 

I overcame grief, deep darkness, and severe sickness. All of these challenges allowed me to learn skills, tools and tricks that turned everything around. 

I have been inspired by many writers, bloggers, and teachers who have found a way to break away from corporate life and find a meaningful life.  Not everyone wants to drop their day job – I sure don’t want to leave mine. Standing on the shoulders of my teachers, I am pioneering with the audacity and dream to create and serve while keeping my day job. 


My purpose is to serve people with stressful jobs who want a life of meaning but feel blocked and trapped.

I believe the stressful pull between the demands of responsibility and a life of meaning is a common problem. This stress crosses all genders, nationalities, backgrounds, religions, and politics. While I grew up with a particular background and choose certain cultural, religious, and political influences, I intend to serve all people including those who might not identify with me.

cubicleMonks is how I intend to make an impact and find meaning. 


I am fulfilling my purpose by serving your meaningful work. Would you like to join this pioneering journey with me? Please reach out to me:  cubiclemonks@gmail.com

My story can be found in articles like: Purpose is Possible.

By helping people find space for their purpose and meaning, the world I love might turn towards more healing and life.  

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