Are you blocked doing meaningful work because of your job?

Does health, family, or work get in the way of doing something impactful for the world?

Does your cubicle or office trap you from doing what calls your heart?

Do you cry when you see the suffering in the streets, forests, and oceans, but you feel paralyzed from the burdens of daily life?

I answered yes to all of the above questions. I didn’t think I could make any significant impact as long as I was in a new high-pressure corporate job. 

Today, I am thriving at home, in my career, and in my work at cubicleMonks to inspire action into meaning.  

I overcame grief, sickness, and burnout. I went from running from my corporate job to running towards my corporate career. I have sharpened the habits and mindsets that allow me to be a loving father and husband, love my corporate work, and follow my heart by serving fellow cubicle sufferers. 

If you have run into an obstacle too big, or have given up on meaningful work, send me an email and we can set-up a free call:

I want to walk next to you as we overcome those boulders that prevent you from serving the people and planet you love while thriving in your job.

Will you let me be your guide?