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What is cubicleMonks?

cubicleMonks are just two that I stuck together. But, they represent the struggle of being blocked by the responsibilities of work to find a life of meaning. 

I have always loved working. I get to use my brain to think about ideas and then help transform these ideas into reality. I even get paid to do this!  I would sit anywhere, including a cubicle, for this opportunity.

Despite this dream job, I still felt like my life was missing something. Even though I’ve had the opportunity to spend my career creating life-changing medical devices, I was thirsting for more meaning in my life. 

The word monk represents any person who is dedicating their life in the pursuit of seeking clarity and truth. I see monks as people whose dedication to finding clarity and truth helps relieve the suffering of others. I’ve always admired monks to be people who have given up worldly ambitions in the pursuit of a meaningful life. 

My struggle was that I saw these two words of cubicle and monks as competing against each other. I discovered that this separation of the cubicle and meaningful life was false. I learned the cubicle is the perfect place to practice and discover living a more meaningful way of being. Also, there is a lot of suffering in cubicles. 

So what is The real answer is I have no idea. It is just an experiment. 

For now, is the place where I am seeking to discover and share how to find meaning in the overwhelming work environment. Please reach out if any of these words also interests you.